#7 Life in New Zealand Daily Vlog - Learning to Vlog(not a tutorial)

Life in New Zealand Daily Vlog #7 - Learning to Vlog (not a tutorial)! Today I got my creative groove on and practiced some different vlogging angles and techniques. Probably over did it on the slowmo's but they just make everything look better don't they? As we continue to vlog we continue to learn how to actually vlog! And hopefully we're getting better at it? I just used my phone for the footage I got around the Taranaki base. I have an OPPO X3 Lite.

Benn takes a trip up to the Waikato for the Patient Transport Service today and takes Riley to buy a new phone. While he's up there he picks up the 3 little kids from nana's who've probably more then outstayed their welcome by now!

If you've just stumbled across us, we are a Tourism based business in the North Island of New Zealand. Our vlog is about our life in New Zealand as a family of 7 showing our daily life and realities as we try and rebuild our business again after the devastating impact the Covid-19 pandemic had on it. Get to know us as we also include our family and interests such as gardening, things to do in New Zealand, local events, farming, hiking and nature and the kiwi way of life.

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