#6 Life in New Zealand Daily Vlog - Working from home 2022

Life in New Zealand Daily Vlog #6 - Working from home 2022 is not all it's cracked up to be, well not for our business anyway. Because if we're at home it means we're not out on the road making money. And things are tough at the moment with a slow winter and travel restrictions still in place for most countries. Hopefully soon things will pick up again as the weather gets warmer and more people travel to New Zealand.

So today we spend another quiet day at home. The power was off all morning as the wire that burnt out the other day was repaired. So it set us back on our office work a little.

We get some outside jobs done while the power was off. The maiden hair ferns I got from mums in the daily vlog #2 the other day get split and potted up. I'll find homes for them around the garden and give some away once they are growing nicely again. Benn tidies up a bit around the section and sets the solar lights back up on their timers. Then we get in the office and catch up on our daily to do's.

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